Co-extrusion in record time

Tooling from Greiner Extrusion makes unique extrusion speed possible in coextrusion technology.

Greiner Extrusion has constructed a 20 meter long co-extrusion tooling unit for Salamander Industrie-Produkte GmbH (Salamander). This tooling is making possible speeds never achieved before for three Salamander streamline plastic window system profiles. Six meters a minute of the 76 mm depth 5 chamber profiles are produced in core coextrusion technology.

Nussbach, 5 October 2011 – The new Core-Coextrusion Tooling from Greiner Extrusion unites productivity with quality. High precision is achieved at simultaneous great extrusion speeds by means of the rotated tooling structure. This structure secures straight inner bridge geometry. The visible surfaces that are vertically drawn in the tank also have a positive effect on the surface quality. Salamander Production Manager Jürgen Diemer said: “We have been able to significantly reduce surface scoring on the profile surfaces.”

Lower vacuum energy consumption
Conventional tooling units of comparable dimensions have a vacuum energy consumption of around 31.5 kW/h. At Salamander this has now been slashed down to a mere 6.2 kW/h. An energy saving of over 80 %. This was made possible by sealing the slits between the seven dry calibrators with “Closed Vacuum Rings” – a patented Greiner Extrusion development. At the same time the vacuum pumps have been replaced and provided with frequency controls.

Lower noise levels and less cooling water consumption
Vacuum pump regulation and doing away with false air feeding now also brings a noise level reduction for the entire extrusion line of 10 to 15 dB. This noise cut is a significant improvement in conditions for the people working on the line. The installation of a “Closed Water Circuit” – also a Greiner Extrusion patented development – has reduced the tooling water consumption by 47 %. A total of 38 m³/h of fresh water was used previously, now only 20 m³/h is required.

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